Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Stockholm - After Dark

Dinner and Drinks

Sushi or Singapore street food at
The Berns
Berzelli Park
SE-103 27 Stockholm

This is an easy option if you're staying here already. The main restaurant in the grand ball room serves up asian fusion food and sushi. For a faster less formal setting head to the mezzanine balcony for Singapore street food. And to make matters even easier for you the Gallery 2.35:1 night club, which is part of the hotel, is also one of the coolest house clubs in Stockholm!

Gallery 2.35:1

Birger Jarlsgatan 4
11434 Stockholm

Trendy bar and restaurant serving up traditional Swedish fare as well as modern European dishes, a favourite amongst Stockholm's cool crowd. Head here for dinner before moving further up the road to the other bars and clubs on Birger Jarlsgatan and Stureplan.

Stunning interior at the Royal Swedish Opera
Cafe Opera
karl XIII Sodra Torg
11186 Stockholm

Boasting Madonna, Miles Davis and David Bowie on its celeb guest list this brasserie/bar is worth checking out for the interior alone.

Drinks and clubbing

The Stureplan area is buzzing with bars and clubs, straight up the road from the Berns Hotel, head here at around 8pm. There's plenty of places to grab dinner, Riche is on the same road. In the summer the square is full of people moving between outdoor terraces.
Also worth mentioning on Stureplan is the Spy Bar, great for cocktails.

The Wall at V
The Wall at V 
The club at Sturecompagniet

You have to go through a club (Sturecompagniet) to get to get this club (V). Hiding up the stairs from popular Sturecompagniet there's a club within a club, with an outdoor conservatory style bar and dance floor. Admittance is very exclusive but worth trying your luck if you have the swagger. Best party togs and heels for the girls is a must.


Kaken at Restaurant 1900
Regeringsgatan 66

Played host to the Karin Wester after show party duing fashion week. The main room is a swanky retro living room style space with sofas and a circular bar. Head to the back of the main room and discover a second dimly lit bar with huge paintings and booth style seating. The place is heaving with Stockholm cool kids and the sound system on the outdoor terrace is phenomenal.

Party on the stairs at F12
Fredsgatan 12
Clubbing for beautiful people, or in other words most people in Stockholm! The F12 building looks incredibly grandiose, one would imagine its historical use was for something much less hedonistic than clubbing. Although funnily enough none of the clubbers could enlighten me! Head to the main stone staircase outside, over looking the sea and the palace, this is where the dancing and posing happens. The ground floor living room bar with victorian flock wallpaper and arm chairs has DJ's spinning tunes into the early hours. The vibe is happy, beautiful and party central.


  1. Bonnie thank you for all this fantastic info about Stockholm! My husband and I are planning a weekend break there in October and I was concerned we wouldn't make the best of it as we had no insider knowledge about hotels, boutiques and nightlife. Thanks to you we can go with a full itinerary! So pleased I've found your blog.

    Alexis x